Mission Of Merkaba

Responsibly Sourced | Supreme Quality

Merkaba is the world’s most precious and exclusive jewelry house. It is our honor and privilege to unveil the most coveted gemstones globally, that are out of reach to the average consumer. With dedication and attention to detail, each jewel exemplifies superior quality and world class craftsmanship.

The Merkaba mission is to create notable, one-of-kind collectible jewels, that are a reflection of your unique sensibility. Minimalism and perfect symmetry and equilibrium, are inspiring our designs, highlighting extraordinary gemstones and bringing them to life.

Our limitless passion has led us to span the globe in search of the most exceptional and rarest, gem-quality treasures ever unearthed. Having the world’s most desirable gems on hand, gives us the opportunity to hand craft incredible jewelry creations of all kinds. Merkaba strives to capture the allure of a gemstone while expressing the journey it has taken to become so magical.

Merkaba gemstones are responsibly sourced. We promote, maintain, and perpetuate the highest ethical standards in the gemstone and jewelry industries. Merkaba is a proud member of the American Gem Trade Association.