About Merkaba

Merkaba Jewelry is an ultra-exclusive boutique jewelry house.  Merkaba captures the allure of superior gemstones for the world’s most sophisticated jewelry connoisseurs.

From time immemorial, top quality colored gemstones have consistently increased in value.  In fact, gems and fine jewelry have always protected their value during  political and economic instability. This makes them a desirable investment and a form of capital preservation.  In modern times, as global finances remain unstable, investors are showing awareness in the strength of precious stones.  Owning “No oil” Emeralds, unheated Rubies, no heat Sapphires, Alexandrites, and Paraiba Tourmalines are a method of personal asset protection.  Increased demand as well as captivating beauty, create both an attractive investment and a source of endless enjoyment.

Merkaba Jewelry brings to light, what makes your birthstone or anniversary stone a powerful statement of your finest qualities. Birthstones carry secrets and attributes as well as traditions that are unique to each gemstone.   Above all, they appeal to people worldwide regardless of their gender, age, religion or nationality. Women and men are looking to fine gemstone jewelry as a key accessory in reflecting their personal style.

Merkaba Jewelry emphasizes on exceptional modern artistry crafted by extremely skilled hands in the USA. Catering to the world’s most avid gem collectors, Merkaba is delighted to become your next precious heirloom destination.

Browse our Merkaba collection of platinum and 18K gold cocktail rings, engagement rings, highly prized earrings, bridal jewelry, bracelets and cuffs all adorned with diamonds.